Head Relapping

Is It Time To Relap?

In the days when Analog ruled, our client list included Sony Music, Warner Bros., RCA Records, and a host of recording and broadcast studios everywhere. While Analog recording will never dominate as it once did, there has been a resurgence over the past few years. It is refreshing to see so many of you appreciate this wonderful format.

Audio Head Relapping

Our Head Relapping process is one of care and precision. We consider our work to be the finest available to the recording industry and our finished product to be a form of Art in which we take great pride.

Too frequently analog recording heads are replaced before their full productivity is realized. Considering the expense of new replacement heads, it makes sense to maximize the usefullness of your existing heads. Especially when this can be done at a fraction of replacement cost and without sacrificing quality.


  • 2″ 24TK to 1/4″ Mono
  • Cassette Dup Heads
  • Cart Heads
  • All Metal and Ferite (glass)


  • MCI
  • Otari
  • Studer
  • Scully
  • Ampex
  • Teac
  • Tascam
  • Gauss
  • Electrosound
  • And More…

Is It Time To Relap?

THE PROBLEM: When new, tape heads have a specific “radius” or “contour” to the crown (area where the tape contacts the head). As moving tape wears down the head, this radius, which plays a role in frequency response, becomes flattened, outside tracks become more worn or “shallow” than inside tracks, and the tape no longer contacts the head properly.

THE SYMPTOMS: The effects of this wear become evident to the operator as

  1. Loss of High End – Especially On Outside Tracks.
  2. Signal Instability
  3. Overall Loss of Level

THE CURE: AMP Services will perform a preliminary check of inductance and DCR on each track and measure the depth of wear on your heads to determine the percentage of life remaining. If warranted, we will then very precisely restore the contour and polish the heads to a mirror finish. Great care is taken to continouosly monitor this process, ensuring that the final .00025 of wear is removed during the polishing process and that no material is removed unnecessairily, thereby maximizing the productivity of each head. After relapping, your heads are then mounted on their head assembly and a complete digital/optical alignment is performed with respect to AZIMUTH, ZENITH, TRACK HEIGHT, GUIDE HEIGHT, WRAP and SCRUB.

A comprehensive lab report documenting all incoming and outgoing electrical and mechanical specifications will accompany each completed job.

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